Shows this weekeind in Amsterdam! ( At dijksynagogue, klimaatparade, refugee-openstage, saunakaravaan festival!

Moniek: I arrived well in Amsterdam! And the tour will go on!
– Tonight at 20.00 Balcony Players Girlduo will perform at the
‘ Dijksynagogue ‘ in Sliedrecht! I will tell also about my experiences in de Balkan, and play some new tunes! More information
– Come all This sunday at 12.00 to the Klimaat Parade – 12240943_10207374565377445_1239399743834929332_o
! Balcony Players & Emergency-Circus will play on a bike-card together with the youth from Greenpeace!!
– Sunday between 15.00 – 17.00 at ‘ Open podium for Refugees and Amsterdammers! Balcony Players duo & Emergency-Circus & many more bands from Amsterdam, Syria, Afganistan etc. will perform at theater Munganga,!
– Sunday at 20.30 at festival Saunakaravaan: I will play my new compositions on violin & piano & some songs together with Clay Mazing,composed at our tour in de balkans! 🙂

Following the refugee route trough Macedonia, Serbia and Croatie

In serbia we played at the trainstation in Sid, there were many people waiting hours and hours 12308003_531904173632718_2965650595514521064_oin the cold for the train to the next border, slavinksi brod in Kroatie. We did a circus show to make the waiting time a bit nicer for the children and the families s:) That was great. When it got dark we made a fire together. These people are amazing.. they shared their blankets and food with us.. and we sang and danced together! We tried to take the train together late at night, but when they checked our tickets we got kicked of the train, only refugees could go. Than we had to take another night train; while waiting we met a super sweet family who got ripped of at the bus station… the whole day they waited in the cold ( with 3 young children ) but still they were hopefull, and we had great talks. We met them the next morning again in the train, and played for the kids! After that we moved on to Kroatie, but the police is super super strict at the refugee camps and we could only enter with special permission; so we could not play there.
Tomorrow i fly back to Holland, for some great concerts with the Balcony Players ( 26th,at Dijksynagogue, 29th at Saunakaravaan ) & Sunday 27th we will play with emergency circus at theater mungango in Amsterdam at an open stage were people from the neighberhood, and refugees will perform together!
Everybody is welcome!
Some pictures from one of our shows in Greece at Notara 26, a squat, which is now used as refugee-shelter, runned by volunteers12273529_531905253632610_3512978280048935009_o

Show together with Clowns without borders in Eidomeni

Saturday we played again in the camp in eidomeni.
More and more people arrived. ( and others are waiting days and days to cross the border.. ) More than 5000 people, with not enough food, sleeping places… and cold nights…
We tried to give them some smiles with our music and circus show 🙂 First i played some songs at the food-line ( people are waiting long to get some food ) and slowly more and more people came to stand around me, clapping and dancing! One man started singing songs from Iran, and we improvised over my songs… it felt so good to share our music and happiness!
After that we did a big circus show together with clowns without borders from Spain, so many happy faces and sweet children dancing and singing… aah such amazing12240875_528378833985252_7081736172547292753_o12244566_1034274523291780_7110078640256834721_o people!!! After the show a great guitar player Erfan Moghadam asked if he could borrow our guitar, and he started singing beautiful songs, and many people sang with him. Music really connects! When it became dark people were sitting together and made fires from whatever they could find to stay warm. We played some songs with this great boys 🙂 I send my love to everybody!!!!12246817_1032523613459253_2619568120005123388_n

Playing in refugee camps in Athens and Eidemeni, such beautiful people :)

After playing in refugee camps in Athens, we moved on to the border from Creece/Macedonia, to a small town called Eidemeni. The situation for the refugees is really bad…very emotional to be there and talk with the people..
This baby along with about one thousand refugees have sitting on the railroad tracks for days between Greece and Macedonia blocking the trains because the border has been closed to anyone not from Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan.
We sat down and played music with a wonderful family from Beirut. This tiny person danced, sang, and clapped for a huge crowd that gathered 🙂12244317_1033894166663149_1442623437706732681_o
Tomorrow we move on Serbia Preshevo, if somebody has a contact there ( for a sleeping place / or somebody who helps in the refugee-camp there, also musicians/clowns….let me know!!! ) Love!!
For more information about our tour check:…/

Balcony Player(s) Moniek following the refugee-road, on tour to refugee camps with Emergency Circus!



Moniek is going on tour with Emergency circus, a music/circus group from New Orleans!
It will be a tour, following the refugee road, starting from Lesbos. Playing in the refugee camps along the road. Trying to cheer the people up and bring some smiles along this heavy time they are going trough!
They started to play with Clowns without borders in Lesbos for the refugees arriving there.
Moniek arrived in Athens, were they played in refugee shelters, squares, squats were the refugees stay, and wherever they could! Here are the first pictures, from them playing at a square were the people sometimes stay 3 days, day and night, waiting for the next step…
Love to this world!!!!

Post about the show at the square, written by Clay Mazing, Emergency circus below:
And here is the opposite of terrorism: Carrorism.The Emergency Circus showed up as a surprise at a square in Athens frequented by refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. to parade into a fantastic show for hundreds of humans facing extreme difficulties. We clapped, laughed, and danced together for over an hour. When we first arrived I even recognized a kid I had clowned for on Lesvos. We immediately hugged ecstatically. I feel so fortunate to be following my dreams thanks to the support of many of your donations and this all-star international cast from the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, and the U.S.A. Thanks Moniek De Leeuw, Fragitsa Qatoyireeti Inda Pereda andStella Evangelia. There are plenty more smiles to come. Direct action against hate. ‪#‎carrorism‬ ‪#‎emergencycircus‬ ‪#‎refugee‬ ‪#‎road‬ ‪#‎tour‬




Balcony Player Moniek concert in London!

Balcony Players Moniek:
This sunday I will play in london as ‘ Monica Musica’ together with my friend Elly Hopkins( voice ) at this great benefiet – event, organised by my friend 12184167_889689991108986_7318490311472800601_o

Samuel Michael Neville Weatherald! It starts at 15.00 with workshops, concerts, art etc etc! I will play my original compositions ( klezmer, gypsy, folk ) inspired on my travels trough the balkans, India and louisiana smile emoticon Also i will teach some balkan/klezmer dances, which we will later dance together on the balkan band Hop sa!
Look forward to it!
Venue: Brixton East 1871, Adres: 100 Barrington Rd, London SW9 7JF
This event aims to promote an honest, open and creative discussion on mental health, while supporting and celebrating the work of two inspiring local mental health initiatives, Sound Minds and The Dragon Cafe!

Come to our Shows in Oktober!


10 okt- 14.45 Klezmer & dance workshop with Ilse Roskam at Aslan Muziekcentrum
Email us if you want to join:

10 okt- 18.00 Balcony Players (trio)show at ADM festival!
( a three day festival at the biggest and longest surviving cultural freehaven in the Netherlands!

11 okt- 21.30 Balcony Players duo & dancer Sunny Ellen at Sauna festival!
( Many workshops and sauna’s!

coming up…4 juli: Balcony festival in Paradiso!

Balcony Festival Amsterdam!

A klezmer/gypsy/worldmusic festival organised by ‘the Balcony Players’ celebrating their 5 year existence!
The Balcony Players ( NL/BE/USA/IT) traveled and toured the last 5 years around the world, and will bring several international bands which they’ve met and played with to Amsterdam, Paradiso!
‘Balcony festival’ will be a diverse worldmusic evening full with surprises!
The line up has besides the Balcony Players o.a Babak-o-Doestan ( TU,IR,CA,NL), Closingtown orchestra
( IT/HU/NL ), Shen Dao ( Reggeaband from China! )
DJ Circus Hoppa (Balkan DJ ), and you can expect crazy horse-rides, gypsy dancers and a lot of fun!

Balcony festival – 5 years balcony players!
The Balcony Players traveled and toured the last 5 years around the world, and will bring several international bands which they’ve met and played with to Amsterdam, Paradiso! Be there!
4 juli, 20.00 – 02.00 Paradiso kleine zaal
Tickets 12.50 excl lidmaatschap

20.00 – Doors open, DJimbolia Circus Hoppa ( balkan DJ)
20.30 – Clowsingtown orchestra ( IT,NL,HU )
21.30- Babak-o-Doestan ( TU, IR, CA, NL )
22.30- Balcony Players ( NL/USA/BE/IT )
with gypsy fusion dancer Yolien!
23.30 – Balcony super band!
00.00 afterparty! All the way from China!!
Long Shen Dao ( reggea )
01.00 – Djimbolia from Circus Hoppa ( Balkan DJ )

The Balcony Players! ( energetic klezmer/gypsy music )

The Balcony Players are an energetic Gypsy/Klezmer Band that takes pride in making people happy and dance around the world!The international group includes members from the Netherlands, Italie,Belgium and New Orleans USA.
Once the Balcony Players started playing on their Balcony, but they are now 5 years together, and gave concerts in more than 20 countries, traveled the world together and shared their music with so many cultures!
They released in 2014 in the USA a New and second CD called Balcony Adventures around the World, with traditional and original songs inspired on tours and travels trough the Balkans, USA and Brasil! On the CD you can hear guest musicians like the singer from Romano Drom, and a Roma children coir!

Babak-0-doestan ( Turkish/Persian originals / Balkan )

Babak-o-Doestan performs original songs with influences from Jazz, Balkan, Fado, Turkish and Persian music that . With band members from Iran, Turkey, Canada and the Netherlands they play honest and passionate mixed music; inspiriting and full of nostalgia at the same time.

Closingtown Orchestra ( Klezmer/gypsy )

“Some say that the Closingtown Orchestra is a crew of illicit melody-smugglers, others whisper about three-headed cats and lovestruck mountains, and there are those who seem to remember only that they’ve danced on a table all night long.”

Long Shen Dao ( all the way from China! ( Reggae )
Musically, while the core source is reggae, Long Shen Dao’s music draws on rock, dub, hip-hop, world music, ska and electronic music for inspiration, while also including parts for traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng (zither)!

Balkan DJ DJimbolia from Circus Hoppa !

Dj DJimbolia is living because of music.
Born as a child from the famous Romanian : ‘Formatia Phoenix’ rock folk band.
Hence raised with all kinds of music and styles, not a day goes by without it.
His double heritage, being half Dutch half Romanian also helps a lot !
Western as well as an eastern European !
Styles include : Balkan, Gypsy, Klezmer, Electro Swing World, Folk, Dance and many more : HOPPA !


abacony paradiso flyer

5 year Balcony Players!!! Summer tour in Europa!

–5 year Balcony players!! – Come to our summer shows in Europa!
5 juni: 22.00 De Spot – Middelburg
6 juni :14.50 & 16.20 Anywave festival – Zierikzee
2 juli : 21.30 Over het ij festival – Amsterdam
4 juli : 21.00 Balcony Festival Paradiso – Amsterdam
17 juli: 20.00 Concert Castle of Santa Catalina – Cadiz, Andalusia
18 juli: 22.00 Etnosur festival – Alcalá la Real (Jaen) , Spain
20-30 august: Ferrara busker festival – Ferrara, Italie
More concerts and more information on our

They celebrated their 5 year existence in New Orleans with ‘Balcony festival ‘a nomadic worldmusic festival that will travel around the world with the Balcony Players!
This summer the Balcony Players have a special European Tour with Gypy fusion dancer Yolien from Gent ( belgium )! Also they will show special pictures from their travels around the world smile emoticon
Come to balcony players show for an energetic experience with music, dance, horsrides and a lot of fun!

Ze vierden hun 5 jarig bestaan al in New Orleans met ‘balcony festival’ een wereldmuziek festival dat nomadisch met de Balcony players mee zal reizen rond de Wereld.
Deze zomer hebben ze een speciale Europese tour met Yolien, een Gypsy fusion danseres uit Gent plus VJ elementen waarop foto’s te zien zijn van de reizen rond de wereld! Ze hebben o.a optredens in Paradiso,over het IJ festival ( amsterdam ), De Spot en Anywave festival ( zeeland ) de Centrale ( BE ), Spanje ( Etnosur festival ) en Italie ( Ferrara busker festival )!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA