Shows this week in Israel!

Moniek: After an amazing time at the Redsea & in the desert, Iam coming back to Jerusalem!
I will play some nice concerts together with Liad Mor on Bass & other friends!
 I Look forward to it!
Come all to dance and sing!
– This tuesday 21.00 in Roasters in the Shuk!
– This thursday 21.00 in Shem Tov (near the Shuk )
– This friday 14.00 in Bar Barmitswah in Tel aviv

Come to a crazy klezmer/gypsy party with
Moniek de Leeuw (NL) Violin/voice & Liad Mor (Israel) bass! Compositions by Moniek de Leeuw (NL) inspired on her travels around the world! ) Klezmer,gypsy, folk, improvisation..!

An energetic concert by Moniek de Leeuw; a violinist and composer from the Netherlands. She will play tonight together with the amazing bassist Liad Mor from Israel!
With her band ‘ the balcony players’ she toured and traveled trough the Balkans, the USA, Brasil and India. They came in close contact with the locals, to learn about their culture & music. They’ve visited many Roma-villages and had many special adventures along the way!
Moniek composed songs inspired on that travels, which she will share with you!
Klezmer music is one of Moniek’s favorite styles to play, thats why she is in Israel, to get to know more about the music&culture:)

Moniek loves to share with you what she has experienced along the way! After the concert there will be a jamsession, come all!
Her music: & Facebook: Moniek de Leeuwthumb_DSC00631_1024

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