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Balcony player Moniek on tour with emergency circus to refugee camps in Libanon,Turkey,Greece!

New adventures!! Iam in Libanon, on tour with Emergency circus to play in many refugee camps and schools! Its really really hot, so i got a mexican hat 馃檪13076516_10154068655093864_9003991401076373680_n
Emergency-Circus Page:
The days have been packed clowning in the heat for sweet Syrian refugee schools in Lebanon. We teamed up with Clown Me In, a local troupe, to bring big love and laughter really close to the border of Syria. These children lead a harsh life in the dusty heat but were all so full of love for the clowns who came today.

Shows this week in Israel!

Moniek: After an amazing time at the Redsea & in the desert, Iam coming back to Jerusalem!
I will play some nice concerts together with Liad Mor on Bass & other friends!
聽I Look forward to it!
Come all to dance and sing!
– This tuesday 21.00 in Roasters in the Shuk!
– This thursday 21.00 in Shem Tov (near the Shuk )
– This friday 14.00 in Bar Barmitswah in Tel aviv

Come to a crazy klezmer/gypsy party with
Moniek de Leeuw (NL) Violin/voice & Liad Mor (Israel) bass! Compositions by Moniek de Leeuw (NL) inspired on her travels around the world! ) Klezmer,gypsy, folk, improvisation..!

An energetic concert by Moniek de Leeuw; a violinist and composer from the Netherlands. She will play tonight together with the amazing bassist Liad Mor from Israel!
With her band ‘ the balcony players’ she toured and traveled trough the Balkans, the USA, Brasil and India. They came in close contact with the locals, to learn about their culture & music. They’ve visited many Roma-villages and had many special adventures along the way!
Moniek composed songs inspired on that travels, which she will share with you!
Klezmer music is one of Moniek’s favorite styles to play, thats why she is in Israel, to get to know more about the music&culture:)

Moniek loves to share with you what she has experienced along the way! After the concert there will be a jamsession, come all!
Her music: & Facebook: Moniek de Leeuwthumb_DSC00631_1024

Shows Moniek in Israel :)



Today Iam back in Tel Aviv for a fun show at a bar called Barmitswa, 14.00 – 16.00 at Zevulun street 13! Liad Mor on double bass joines me, and maybe also a great percussionist!!!
Look forward to it!
Moniek de Leeuw (NL) & Liad Mor ( double bass! )
讻谞专转, 诪诇讞讬谞讛, 讬讜爪专转, 讞讜拽专转 转专讘讜讬讜转 诪讛讜诇谞讚 诪讙讬注讛 诇讘专诪爪讜讜讛 注诐 拽诇讬讬讝诪专, 讙’讬驻住讬 驻讜诇拽 讜讞讘专讬诐, 诇砖诪讞 讗转 讛砖讜拽 讘爪讛专讬讬诐


Moniek in Israel!
Some pictures from the show & jamsession saturday in Diwan! What a great surprise when two girlfriends who I met last year in Sadhana forest in India ( the project we support with the cd sales from our first CD ) , suddenly showed up!!!聽Also that evening I met a great man, who is the founder from the Jiddish cultural centre/museum in Tel aviv!聽I visited the museum and we will organise this sunday a klezmer gathering/ concert there!

– 31 jan, 20.00 Klezmer Gathering/concert/jamsession with me & o.a Mendy Cahan who sings beautiful Jiddish songs! Bring your instruments and lets sing & dance together!
DSC00366 DSC00398( at Yung Jiddish, Levinsky 108 Fifth Floor 5 Studio 5008 )

Balcony Player Moniek in Israel! (playing in hospital, Haifa )

Moniek: Iam until april in Israel to share my music & to learn more about the music&culture here 馃檪聽Today I played in the hospital in Haifa, a beautiful city on the mountains ( and at the wild sea! ) I met wonderful children, who played and danced with me 馃檪This little girl jammed with me, what was a lot of fun! Also i suddenly met a clown there!! 聽After playing in the hall, I visited children in their sleeping-rooms, and had really nice interactions, juggling, and playing music together:)聽One boy was a darabuka player, he surprised me with his nice beats!
Saturday is my next show, in a nice bar called Diwan!


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Balcony Players Christmas-tour! 26 dec tm 1 januari! ( Amst- Paradiso, Dh- Carnivale, Rdam )

Enjoy Christmas sweet people!
We have a little christmas-tour, you are welcome to come!
26-12, 15.00 Balcony Girls at High tea, Koningskerk Voorburg
27-12, 13.00 Monica Musica & friends at Lunch for refugees – Dominicuskerk,Amsterdam
( Bring your instruments and join the party! )
27-12, 21.00 Balcony Players duo at Saunakaravaan,
28-12, 24.00 Balcony Players in Paradiso ( Balonnenfeest )!聽
29-12, 23.00&00.30 festival Carnivale, Denhaag ( balcony girls )
30-12, 23.00&00.30 festival Carnivale, Denhaag
( Balcony duo Moniek & vince )
01-01,14.00-17.00 Balcony girls at, Rotterdam
If you are around, come to dance or play some tunes with us! Let’s celebrate life together!聽聽Love!

Balcony Players’ Concerts this weekeind!


Some nice concerts this weekeind in Amsterdam! You are welcome !
– Friday 11 dec 22.00 Monica Musica (Moniek’s original compositions ) & Balcony Players duo! 22.45 Worldmusic Jamsession, de peper, Overtoom 301! ( and at 20.00 good organic food! )

– Saturday afternoon we will perform with some Balcony players at the refugee-camp in Zuid Oost, we look forward to that!

We are still looking for a concert saturday evening, to try out some new tunes!!! Let us know!

– Sunday 14.00,15.00,16.00 Balcony Players girlduo at Dromen over Feest festival in Zaandijk! Lagedijk 72,

– Monday 14.00 Moniek performs at the refugee home in Havenstraat. After that there’s a jamsession with the musicians who stay there! Moniek is still looking for worldmusic musicians who like to join her monday 馃檪 Email if you want to join!
Her post about last monday:


‘I was very tired monday, before i went to perform / and jam at the refugee camp in Havenstraat ( near my house ) ; BUT after playing there and meeting so many super nice people, i was very happy and full with energy! 聽The people are so sweet and thankful aah!!!This man is learning Dutch and he interviews people to learn the language! He interviewed me after playing. I had to tell in Dutch about my dreams…
Soon the short movie will come at Nizar Netherlands ! This friday i play in Overtoom301, and I invited the people from the havenstraat, hope they will join and play some tunes with me!
( Maybe Kenan Hamsho on Klarinet! 聽)


Shows this weekeind in Amsterdam! ( At dijksynagogue, klimaatparade, refugee-openstage, saunakaravaan festival!

Moniek: I arrived well in Amsterdam! And the tour will go on!
– Tonight at 20.00 Balcony Players Girlduo will perform at the
‘ Dijksynagogue ‘ in Sliedrecht! I will tell聽also about my experiences in de Balkan, and play some new tunes! More information
– Come all This sunday at 12.00 to the Klimaat Parade – 12240943_10207374565377445_1239399743834929332_o
! Balcony Players & Emergency-Circus will play on a bike-card together with the youth from Greenpeace!!
– Sunday between 15.00 – 17.00 at ‘ Open podium for Refugees and Amsterdammers! Balcony Players duo & Emergency-Circus & many more bands from Amsterdam, Syria, Afganistan etc. will perform at theater Munganga,!
– Sunday at 20.30 at festival Saunakaravaan: I will play my new compositions on violin & piano & some songs together with Clay Mazing,composed at our tour in de balkans! 馃檪

Following the refugee route trough Macedonia, Serbia and Croatie

In serbia we played at the trainstation in Sid, there were many people waiting hours and hours 12308003_531904173632718_2965650595514521064_oin the cold for the train to the next border, slavinksi brod in Kroatie. We did a circus show to make the waiting time a bit nicer for the children and the families s:) That was great. When it got dark we made a fire together. These people are amazing.. they shared their blankets and food with us.. and we sang and danced together! We tried to take the train together late at night, but when they checked our tickets we got kicked of the train, only refugees could go. Than we had to take another night train; while waiting we met a super sweet family who got ripped of at the bus station… the whole day they waited in the cold ( with 3 young children ) but still they were hopefull, and we had great talks. We met them the next morning again in the train, and played for the kids! After that we moved on to Kroatie, but the police is super super strict at the refugee camps and we could only enter with special permission; so we could not play there.
Tomorrow i fly back to Holland, for some great concerts with the Balcony Players ( 26th,at Dijksynagogue, 29th at Saunakaravaan ) & Sunday 27th we will play with emergency circus at theater mungango in Amsterdam at an open stage were people from the neighberhood, and refugees will perform together!
Everybody is welcome!
Some pictures from one of our shows in Greece at Notara 26, a squat, which is now used as refugee-shelter, runned by volunteers12273529_531905253632610_3512978280048935009_o